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    How to deliver a lead magnet through your confirmation page or thank you page? – Using Double Opt-in

    In another article, we’ve seen how you can deliver a downloadable file or a lead magnet immediately after the user submits a form or just clicks on a button.

    In this article, we’ll see how we can deliver these files more securely making sure that only the right users who are actually interested receive it.

    Most of the email marketing platforms have a double opt-in feature that sends a confirmation email to users immediately after they submit a form. This email contains a confirmation link, which when clicked leads the subscriber to the thank you or confirmation page.

    Therefore, the thank you or confirmation page is a secure page that is visible only to those who confirm their consent by clicking on the confirmation link. This ensures that the lead magnet given on such a page is being delivered to only those who are interested.

    Here is a quick video that will help you implement it.

    Note: This is an example in which we have used MailChimp. You can use your favorite email marketing software to implement the same.

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