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    How to Trigger a Popup or Call-to-action on Click of an Element/Button?

    Convert Pro allows you to create two step popups or on-click popups that appear when a user clicks on the text, image, button, etc on a page.

    Let us go through the steps you need to follow to create an on click popup.

    1. Create a call-to-action
    2. Design your Call-to-action

    If you haven’t yet created a call-to-action and wish to begin with one, you can refer to Start with your first Call-to-action article.

    There are two ways in which you can create on-click call-to-actions.

    1. Using the unique link you get through Convert Pro (For text, images, etc)
    2. Using a unique CSS class or ID (For buttons, menu items, etc)

    On-click popups appear whenever the user clicks on the text, button or image that you use. Therefore, you cannot set configuration settings like target pages, visitors or even cookie settings for on-click popups.

    If you are planning to capture lead data through your call-to-action, Convert Pro allows you to manage them in two ways.

    1. Integrate with a third party Email Marketing service provider or CRMs
    2. Send subscriber notification to an email ID.

    You are all set to capture tens of thousands of leads! 🙂

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