How to auto close call-to-action in Convert Pro

Following are the steps to auto close call-to-action on delay,

Step 1 -> Activate advanced script addon in Convert Pro.  Follow this document for that.

Step 2 -> Open the Call-to-action you wish to auto close.

Step 3 -> Move to Design -> Panel and then Additional JavaScript accordion.

Step 4 -> Add following code to After Call-to-action Open section. You can modify cta_timeout value 3000 milliseconds as per your requirement.

var cta_timeout = 3000; // in milliseconds 
setTimeout(function() {

var modal = jQuery( '.cpro-onload[data-class-id=' + style_id + ']' );

jQuery(document).trigger( 'closePopup', [modal,style_id] );
}, cta_timeout );

Step 5 -> Save settings and publish call-to-action.

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