Understanding the Email Notification Settings in Convert Pro

If you wish to get email notifications every time a user opts in through a Convert Pro form, you can do so with the plugin.

To enable the email notifications, you will have to open the call-to-action in the Convert Pro Editor, go to Connect and then Email seen in the left navigation bar.

Enable the Email Notification option as shown below and add an email ID you wish to receive the notifications on.

Convert Pro sends notifications in two conditions:

  1. After Successful Submission
  2. When an Error Occurs during Submission (In case you’ve integrated Convert Pro with a third party email marketing service provider)

You can edit the subject and the content of these emails by going to Convert Pro -> Settings -> Email Notification

You can edit the subject and content for both these emails.

Note: The tags in the email represent the following options:

[FORM_SUBMISSION_DATA] : This will show the lead data submitted in the form

[DESIGN_NAME] : Name of the current design

[SITE_NAME] : Name of your website

[MAILER_SERVICE_NAME] : Name of the mailer service

[ERROR_MESSAGE] : Detailed error message

[SITE_URL] : URL of your website

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