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    Advanced Settings in Convert Pro

    Along with the General settings that allow you to set a default font for Convert Pro, set user inactivity time and manage the credit link, you also have a set of Advanced settings that allow you to determine the position of Convert Pro in the Admin Menu, decide user roles who can access Convert Pro and switch to the Developer mode when needed.

    Here is a screenshot showing you the Advanced Settings

    Convert Pro -> Settings -> Advanced

    Admin Menu Position: You can use this to decide where you wish to add Convert Pro in the Admin Menu.

    Allow Convert Pro for: Enable the user roles you wish to give Convert Pro access to.

    Enable Antispam field: This will enable an antispam field on all Convert Pro forms. Convert Pro uses the Honeypot field to detect spam.

    Developer Mode: Enabling this will help you debug issues since it gives access to the CSS and JS files.

    Allow Beta Updates : We may release beta updates just before a stable version. Enable this option if you wish to get beta updates. However, it is highly recommended to test beta updates on only staging or development environments.

    Cache: HTML data of your call-to-actions are dynamically generated and cached for future reference. You can use use this option to clear cache.

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