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    How to Create a Language Specific Popup in Convert Pro?

    Convert Pro allows you to create Language Specific Call-to-actions to make sure you are serving the right audiences.

    In order to proceed, first you need to create a new call-to-action for your specific language.

    You will need the things mentioned below:

    • WPML installed on your site.
    • Your call-to-action ID – You can find:
      • By clicking on the insight info icon under each popup here.
      • A popup will appear, i.e. Behaviour Quick view under that get the call-to-action ID here.
    • Your language code – WPML -> Languages -> Edit languages screen here.

    Add below code to your theme’s functions.php file,

    function cpro_callback_function( $display, $style_id ) {
         if( $display ) {
            // Replace call-to-action id with your call-to-action ID
            if( '31' == $style_id ) {
                if( defined( 'ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE' ) ) {
                    // get current language code
                    $language_code = ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE;
                    // replace fr with your language code 
                    if( 'fr' == $language_code ) {
                        $display = true;
                    } else {
                        $display = false;
        return $display;
    add_filter( 'cp_pro_target_page_settings', 'cpro_callback_function', 10, 3 );

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