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    Google Analytics Integration with Convert Pro

    Majority of the website owners rely on Google analytics to track how their website is performing. They use this tool to check whether their efforts are bringing in the results they are looking for. Convert Pro is a lead generation plugin that helps users convert visitors into leads, subscribers and potential customers.

    Tracking leads generated through the plugin and fetching results to your WordPress backend are the two main reasons we thought of integrating Convert Pro with Google Analytics. In this article, we’ll cover the following points.

    In this article we’ll see the following:

    Why use Google Analytics Integration? The Main Objectives behind it.

    Google Analytics is the most trusted tool one uses to track his website performance online. Around 95% of website owners look up to Google Analytics for accurate results. It gives you an idea about the traffic coming on your website, the source of the traffic, their behavior and conversions.

    Convert Pro is a lead generation tool that helps convert visitors into leads, subscribers and customers. Integrating with Google Analytics will help you track these conversions and know what works best and identify the areas that need improvement.

    The Google Analytics Addon

    Convert Pro comes with a set of addons that allow you to enable the function you wish to use. Therefore, in order to integrate Convert Pro with Google Analytics, you will have to activate the Analytics Addon.

    You can do this by installing the addon you see under Convert Pro -> Settings

    Then go ahead and activate the Analytics Addon.

    Enable Website Tracking in Google Analytics

    In order to share all the tracking data with your Google Analytics account, you need to make sure that you enter a tracking code or an ID in your website.

    There are three ways you can do that.
    1. Add Universal Google Analytics Code
    You can select this option in case you have added the Google Analytics code to your website. If not, here is an article you can refer to know how you can do that. Click here

    According to the GDPR regulations you aren’t allowed to store user’s private data or personal identifying data such as IP address. Google Analytics does that. You can avoid this by enabling the IP Anonymization option in Google Analytics.

    You can refer to the article in Google’s knowledge base that will help you anonymize the IP address.

    2. Add Google Tag Manager code
    Select this option in case you have added the Google Tag Manager code to your website. Here is an article you can refer to: Click here

    3. Add Google Analytics Tracking ID
    If you have not added the code using any of the above methods, you can do so by selecting this option. All you need to do is copy the tracking ID from your Google Analytics account and paste it in the field below.

    Not sure where you’ll get the Analytics Tracking ID? Please refer to the Click here

    In this case, you allow Convert Pro to add the Google Analytics code by providing the tracking ID. We have added a new option for Anonymize IP for event tracking.

    We have enabled the Anonymize IP option by default. You can disable this in case you wish to let Google Analytics track user’s IP address.

    Authorize Convert Pro to view Google Analytics data

    By authorizing Convert Pro to access your Google Analytics account, you allow Convert Pro to access your configuration settings and reports that will let the plugin fetch data and reflect it in graphs at your WordPress backend. Once you add the authorization code in Convert Pro, you’ll be asked to select the Google Analytics view that you wish to see in Convert Pro.

    A short video how to authorize

    Note: You should make sure that you have added the Analytics code to your website. Only then will you be able to authenticate Convert Pro to access your Google Analytics account. You can add your analytics code by referring to the above point.

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