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    How to Trigger Convert Pro Popup based on Page Visits?

    Convert Pro popups now allows you to trigger the popup based on the number of pages visited by the user. This can be done using the ruleset called – “After Number of Page Visits”.

    Step 1: Create a popup from the Dashboard > Convert Pro > Create New [For more information, visit this link]

    Step 2: Go to the Configuration settings and then under the Launch section. You will find the Page visit trigger – “After Number of Page Visits”.

    Convert Pro Page View Trigger

    Step 3: Then select the operators as per the condition to trigger the popup. ( Is More than, Is less than )

    Convert Pro Page Visit Trigger Options

    We have shown the step by step depiction here

    Here are some key points you need to keep in mind while using this trigger:

    1. The number of pages will not count when you shift to a private browser or incognito mode.
    2. If cookies are enabled and the user performs the Close/Submit action, then on the next visit of the site, the popup will not be triggered as the cookies will be set for it. [ For more information, visit Cookie doc link

    Exceptions that you may encounter below:

    There are exceptions in the calculation of the page visits when they are not counted.
    For all cases we know for sure that the popup won’t open, due to its settings, the page visits are not counted. Let’s check the examples of such instances.

    • Page-level targeting popups (Refer to the article on Page-level targeting How to manage popup visibility on different page levels?).
      – If a page-level target is set for a popup, then a pageview is only counted if the popup is embedded on the page you’ve viewed otherwise not.
    • Device-based targeting popups (Refer to the article on Device-based targeting How to manage popup visibility on different devices?).
      – Let’s suppose the popup is set to show only on mobile devices. In this case, the page visits won’t be counted if a user visits the page via desktop.

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