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    How to Setup Convert Pro custom Events in Google Analytics 4 property

    Since Convert Pro v1.7.7 and Convert Pro Addon v1.5.6, we have provided support to Google Analytics 4 properties in Analytics addon.

    However, to track the Impressions and Conversions for your Convert Pro CTAs, you will have to create custom events in your Google Analytics 4 property.

    Here are the steps –

    1. Login to your Google Analytics Account
    2. Create an event from an existing event(Conversion Event)
    3. Create an Impression event

    1. Login to your Google Analytics Account

    Login to your Google Analytics account from here.

    In Google Analytics, click Admin.

    Make sure you are in the correct account and property.

    2. Create an event from an existing event(Conversion Event)

    In the Property column, click Events.

    Click Create event, then click Create.

    In Custom event name, enter an event name as the slug of the Convert Pro CTA for which you want to track event. You can find the CTA’s slug from here –

    In Matching conditions, specify below matching conditions to track form submit event for your CTA –

    Note: Convert Pro supports only form_start and form_submit events.

    You can find your CTA’s form_id from here –

    You can add more conditions to this as per your requirement and then click Create.

    After creating an event, you will see it in Events list and you can Mark it as a Conversion –

    3. Create an Impression event

    For an Impression event follow the same steps as above, just while adding Event Name. Add _impression suffix in the event name and add below conditions in Matching conditions

    Here form_start event is used, so the impression event will be triggered whenever user will interact with your CTA form. You can add more conditions as per your requirement.

    Convert Pro events are not showing up in the custom events list? Read this article.

    Note: For an impression event, don’t mark it as conversion.

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