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    Convert Pro Supports GDPR Regulations

    What is GDPR?

    GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation, a data privacy regulation that took effect on 25 May 2018. This regulation applies to data collection that will impact any EU citizen whether you are based in an EU country or no.

    According to this regulation, you cannot collect user information and store it without the user’s consent. This means that you cannot display a form randomly to collect data. You have to ask for the user’s consent, so that you can go ahead and store it. You can refer to this article to know more.

    With just about 2 months left for this to be applicable, a number of website developers and owners contacted us to know whether Convert Pro supports GDPR and whether they can continue using it for collecting lead data.

    Well, you can seamlessly use Convert Pro on your website!

    We have published an article that you can refer to while using Convert Pro on your website.

    Using Convert Pro with GDPR Terms


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