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How to Create a Multi-step Call-to-action in Convert Pro?

A multi-step Opt-in is one of the highest conversion optimized opt-in formats in the industry. These popups or opt-in forms come with multiple steps that help engage the audience a little longer. You can use these to:

  • Engage visitors a little longer
  • Sort users according to their interests
  • Display a quiz, etc

Let us see how easy it is to create a multi-step call-to-action in Convert Pro

Step 1 -> Select a Call-to-action

I proceed with a modal popup here.

Select a template and name your call-to-action. You’ll be taken to the editor.

Step 2 -> Design your call-to-action

Step 3 -> Enable the Multi-step option

Click on the gear icon seen in the top navigation bar and enable the muti-step option.

Step 4 -> Move to the next step

You can move to the next step by clicking on the number seen in the bar. If you see just “1“, you can add another step by clicking on “+“.

You can design all the steps using the same design options like you did for step one.

Note: The icons on the bar mean the following:

  • Numbers: Individual step numbers
  • Plus sign: This allows you to add a step
  • Bin/Delete icon: This allows you to delete the step you’ve selected
  • Handle icon: You can hold this and drag the bar anywhere on the screen.
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