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    Designing a Call-to-action in Convert Pro

    Convert Pro is known for the easy-to-use drag and drop editor and the complete design freedom that you get. In this article we’ll be seeing how easy it is to design a popup.

    Here is a quick demonstration of how easy it is to drag and drop the elements on the panel to build an attractive call-to-action.

    We’ll take a look at each section one by one and the settings we have for them.

    Let us first begin with the Design Elements

    These are all the essential elements that you would want to add in your call-to-action.

    As you can see you have 7 elements available here. You can use them to

    • Add a Heading
    • Add a subheading
    • Add a paragraph
    • Add custom HTML code. (useful when you wish to add a custom HTML form)
    • Add an Image
    • Add a Close Image
    • And a Close text

    We then proceed to the Form Fields

    Convert Pro allows you to add multiple form fields within a call-to-action. You’ll see the form fields highlighted in the image below.

    The available form fields are:

    • Email
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Drop Down
    • Text Area
    • Radio Button
    • Check box
    • Hidden Field
    • Date Field (Introduced in Convert Pro version 1.3.0)

    The form section has four accordions under it; Form Fields, Typography, Styling and Advanced settings.

    The typography accordion includes font family, text alignment, font size and letter spacing.

    The styling accordion includes text color and background color.

    Then you have the advanced settings where you can set the border style, width, radius, color, etc.

    The typography, styling and advanced settings are applicable to all suitable form fields.

    A variety of Buttons to choose from

    Convert Pro gives you a collection of buttons you can choose from.


    You can further edit, modify and control button actions as per your needs. In order to change the settings of a button, you can click on the button on your call-to-action and see the settings open in the left sidebar.

    Well categorized shapes for your call-to-action

    We have included a number of shapes that can be simply dragged and dropped on the call-to-action and used as per your needs.

    In order to change the settings of a shape, you can click on the shape on your call-to-action and see the settings open in the left sidebar.

    The Panel settings

    A panel comprises the structure on which you’ve constructed the call-to-action.

    You can use the panel settings to change the panel size, manage the background, overlay, animation, border, shadow and credit link options.


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