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    How to Edit a Call-to-action in Mobile View?

    All the call-to-actions you design using Convert Pro are 100% responsive and can be viewed on any device. However, the plugin comes with a unique feature that allows you to edit a call-to-action in mobile view too.

    Let us see how easy it is to edit a call-to-action in mobile view.

    1. Create a Call-to-action
    2. Design your call-to-action

    STEP 1 -> Open the Mobile Editor View

    Click on the gear icon seen in the top navigation bar, and enable the mobile editor.

    You will then see a popup with a message like the one below.

    You are about to enable the mobile editor. This allows you to create a different design for smaller screens by adjusting the position of elemennts or hiding some of them.

    If you would rather like Convert Pro to manage this automatically, please click CANCEL.

    Continue if you wish to edit the call-to-action yourself.

    STEP 2 -> Edit the Form Styling

    You can proceed changing the font size, alignment, letter spacing and padding for form fields.

    You can also control the size, background and the mobile breakpoint for the panel.

    STEP 3 -> Save and Publish

    You have now edited the call-to-action in mobile view. Therefore, it will appear like you want it to. 🙂

    Note: If at any time, you wish to revert the changes and go back to the original design, you can simply click on the “Regenerate Mobile View” link seen above.

    You can also switch between the desktop and mobile view by using the respective icons seen in the top bar.

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