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    How to Add Dynamic Tag Support for the Autoresponder?

    Convert Pro now provides the feature to dynamically add the autoresponders tags based upon the user’s selection, even more efficiently with your choice of the autoresponder.

    We have provided this feature for the following mailers:

    • MailChimp
    • ActiveCampaign
    • FluentCRM
    • GetResponse.
    • ConvertKit

    Before diving further into this feature:

    • Make sure you have the Convert Pro 1.6.0 and Convert Pro addon 1.5.4 and above
    • Please make sure that the autoresponder you connect to the Call-to-Actions should have tags created in it.

    Ex.: If you are using MailChimp Email Marketing Software, then make sure in your MailChimp lists, Tags should be created.

    • Add “Checkbox”, “Radio”, or “Dropdown” form elements and you assign an individual tag name to it by using the delimiter ( || ). So that subscribers have a way of choosing an answer.

    Let’s quickly see the steps to add them —

    Step 1: Add the Checkbox in the CTA.

    Step 2: Create the tags in Autoresponder, let’s say Mailchimp

    Note: Please note that tag names are case-sensitive.

    Step 3: Add the tags in the Checkbox with the help of delimiter ( || ).

    Ex.: Option 1 || Tag 1

    Tag Support MailChimp

    Step 4: Save the settings and You’re Done.

    Now visit the site and submit the form and select any options, if you choose option 1 then the associated tag 1 will be assigned to the user.

    After you submit the information, check your autoresponder for the subscriber, if everything works as it should, the tag corresponding to the answer selected will be added to the information of the subscriber.

    Hopefully, this article was useful for you. 🙂

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