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How Can I Create an Ad Block Detection Popup with Convert Pro?

Do you display ads on your website? This feature is created for you!

There are a number of Browser extensions that detect ads on a website and block them from appearing. This makes sure that your ads do not read your website visitors and sometimes your visitors too might miss on an important offer or a special sale you are offering.

An Ad Block detection popup detects an Ad Blocker extension, informs website visitors that they might be missing on something important that will be blocked by the Ad blocker. This in turn gives them a chance to decide whether they wish to see the ads on your website or block them.

In order to set up a Ad Blocker detection popup in Convert Pro, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Create and design a popup that will do the need full. You can also use the ready-made template we offer you.

Step 2: Open the Configurations tab and then move to the Launch options

Step 3: Enable Ad Block detection

Step 4: Save and Publish!

Note: You can trigger this popup with two conditions: when an Ad blocker is detected and after a few seconds when the page loads. This will make sure that the popup is displayed well in time and that the users do not miss on any advertisements until then.

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