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    How to Integrate Convert Pro with Moosend?

    Convert Pro offers seamless integration with Moosend. This means that you will be able to collect and capture lead data using a Convert Pro form and save and manage them within Moosend campaign. You can connect Convert Pro with Moosend by following the steps below.

    Before we move on to the integration, you need to be sure that you have installed and activated the Convert Pro Connects Addon. This addon is responsible for all integrations with third party email marketing softwares.

    Step 1 -> Create a Call-to-Action
    Step 2 -> Design it as per your needs
    Step 3 -> In the editor, move to Connects
    Moosend Connect

    Step 4 -> Select Moosend

    Moosend Connect

    Step 5 -> Authenticate your Moosend account.

    Moosend Integration Setup API Key

    You are asked to enter your Moosend API Key. These are needed to authenticate your account so that Convert Pro can send lead data into the respective list.

    Not sure of where you’ll find this? Here is an article that will tell you more. After login into it navigate to Account->API Keys.

    Here you can copy the API Key.

    Step 6 -> Select a list

    Select the list you wish to integrate with.

    Moosend Integration Setup

    Note: In case you have more than one field, you will be taken to another step where you’ll be asked to map the fields in your Convert Pro form with those in the Moosend list. The email field is mapped by default.

    Step 7 -> Save your settings and you are done!

    All the leads you capture through this call-to-action will now be stored in the Moosend list that you just selected.

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