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How to Change the Slug of Popup? – Convert Pro

Are you looking on how to modify the Slug of Popup after duplicating your Call-to-Action?

Well, we bring to you the new feature using which you can change the Slug for the Call-to-Action.

Before diving in, let’s take a quick look at how this used to look before.

So, whenever you duplicate the popup, the slug of the CTA used to be the same and was appended with some random numbers in order to make them unique.

Let’s consider this example: First you have created a popup with the title “Convert Pro popup” then the popup’s Slug will be “convert-pro-popup

Now, after duplicating the call-to-action, the duplicated call-to-action slug will be “convert-pro-popup-2”:

But most of the time this has created some confusion for the users in Google Analytics identification.

So our team has came forward with an idea to give a separate feature for changing the Popup’s Slug.

  • Click on the Change Slug option and a popup will appear to change the slug for the CTA and SAVE it.


  1. Make sure, there should be no space while changing the Slug to a new one.


  • Valid Slug => your-slug-name
  • Invalid Slug => your slug name
  1. It is not recommended to change the slug if you already have analytics running for this CTA. Changing the slug will result in resetting the analytics. Both impressions and conversions will be set to 0. Existing analytics data will be deleted for this CTA
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