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Authenticate Your MailerLite Account

Every Mailer requires you to authenticate the access before integrating Convert Pro with a list.

MailerLite asks for an API Key. Let us know what these terms are.

What is the Account Name?

Account name is the name you wish to give this connection. It is the term used to identify your integration of Convert Pro with MailerLite. You can create multiple accounts like this.

Note: Make sure you enter a meaningful name that reveals the exact purpose of the integration.

What is an API Key?

An API Key is an Application Programming Interface key that allows you to authenticate your MailerLite account and access it through Convert Pro.

Login to this page and you’ll find the API Key associated with your MailerLite account.

Issues you might come across while authenticating

Issue #1

Error: Could not connect to MailerLite. 401!
Troubleshooting: Make sure you’ve entered the right API Key associated with your account.

Issue #2

Hey, looks like you already have an account with the same name. Please use another Account Name.
Troubleshooting: You have probably used the same account name with another integration. Please change the account name and try again.

Issue #3

Hey, you only have an email field in the form. The Email Field is mapped by default. Therefore, you can skip this step and save the connection.
Troubleshooting: You need not worry about this. This is just a notification that reminds you that you are only using an email field in your form.

Issue #4

Oops! You did not add an email field! We will not be able to pass values without an email field.
Troubleshooting: An email field is a must when you are creating a form. This field is mandatory and plays an important role in syncing lead data between Convert Pro and the mailer. Please make sure you have added an email field in the form.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, in case you need any further help or guidance.

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