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Button Actions

There are various types of button actions which you can use to achieve different result after the form is submitted.

  • None: As the name suggests itself when button action is set to None, then the form will not submit, and neither will it perform any other action like close, redirect to another page, etc. It will just stay there until the user closes it.. (rarely used)

  • Submit and Go To Step: This action is helpful when using a multistep form, here we can add to which step to redirect after submitting the form. It means that the form data is sent to the selected destination and the user is taken to the next step.

Note: You can use the submit action only once in a multi-step popup. So ideally this action can be used when you are sure you do not have any form fields in the steps ahead or just before you say thank you.

  • Submit and Go To URL: This is helpful when the user submits the form and want’s the user to be redirected to another URL. This action will save the form data in the selected destination and then redirect the user.

Note: Enabling the option called “Pass by GET Parameter” will send the entered form data on to the next URL destination.

  • Submit and Close: It will automatically close the call-to-action when the form is submitted. The form data is saved in the selected destination.

  • Go To URL: This action will not submit the form, it will just redirect to the specified URL. This is useful when you want to redirect users to a new blog post, an ongoing offer, etc.

  • Go To Step: When using a multistep form, this action will redirect to another step.
  • Close: This action is used to close the form without submitting the form data. This can be used when you wish to display a particular notice like a countdown timer for an ongoing offer.
  • Close Page: As the name suggests this action will close the page, but it should be coming from any other window. For example, if you have copied the URL and paste it on the new tab, this action will not work. This has done for security reasons from Chrome and Firefox.[Reference Link]
  • Close and Go To URL: This action closes the form and redirects the user to the specified URL.

Note: When an option called “Count As Conversion” is enabled, make sure that, Analytics is configured.

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