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How to Create a Call-to-action as a Widget Box using Convert Pro?

Convert Pro allows you to embed a call-to-action on a page, within a post or in the widget area. The Widget box call-to-action can be used to design a call-to-action and display it within the widget area on the website.

In this article we’ll see:

  1. Creating a widget box content call-to-action
  2. Designing the widget box call-to-action
  3. Configuration Settings
  4. Managing leads captured through it

Step 1: Creating a Widget box Call-to-action

In order to create a widget box call-to-action, let us move to Convert Pro -> Create New tab

You can then select the template you wish to proceed with.

Once you have selected a template and named the call-to-action, you will be taken to the editor, where you can design, configure and connect the form with a third party email marketing service provider.

Step 2: Designing the Call-to-action

Convert Pro comes with a complete drag and drop editor that makes designing both fun and easy. You can create and design the call-to-action with additional elements, form fields, shapes and a lot more.

We have an article you can refer to know how you can proceed with Designing a call-to-action in Convert Pro.

Step 3: Configuration Settings

This step allows you to manage where and to whom should the call-to-action be displayed.

As seen above, you only have the target options for a widget box. Here too you can just select the pages/posts etc that you wish to display it on and decide whether you want to show or hide it from logged in users. Here are a couple of articles you can refer to.

  1. Display the slide-in on particular pages/posts/categories etc
  2. Show or hide slide-in from logged-in users

Step 4: Managing Leads

Convert Pro integrates with 26+ email marketing service providers and autoresponders to help you store and manage leads. You can also enable email notification to receive lead data on a specific email ID.

You can refer to the following links to integrate with a third party email marketing service provider and enable email notifications.

  1. Integrate with a third party email marketing service provider
  2. Send subscriber data to email 

You are all set to publish the call-to-action and convert your website visitors into prospective leads and customers!

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