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    How to Hide a Popup or Call-to-Action when a particular Cookie is set?

    Convert Pro has several triggers that allow you to display popups and call-to-actions depending on various events.

    Have you ever thought of hiding a popup or a call-to-action when a particular cookie is set? Convert Pro version 1.3.0 comes with a new trigger that lets you hide a popup when a particular cookie is set.

    This is how you can do that –

    Step 1 -> Design your Call-to-action using the design settings

    Step 2 -> Open the Configure section and proceed to the Target Settings

    Step 3 -> Open the Hide CTA Based on Cookies tab

    Step 4 -> Enter the cookie name or names in the field given below.

    Enter Cookie Name to Hide CTA

    Step 5 -> Save and Publish

    This will ensure that this call-to-action will remain hidden when the mentioned cookie or cookies are found.

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