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    How to Hide Call-to-action from Users who Subscribed through a Particular Call-to-action?

    Let’s say I have the following call-to-action in which I ask users to subscribe to my newsletter.

    First Subscription Call To Action

    When users submit this call-to-action, they are already added to my list and I don’t want them to see another call-to-action (the following one) that asks them to do that again.

    Second Subscription Popup

    In order to implement this, we’ll need to follow the steps below. (Assuming that you have both these call-to-actions are designed on your website)

    Step 1 -> First call-to-action: Set a specific cookie name to be set when the first call-to-action is submitted.

    Open the configuration settings -> Cookies -> Select to add a cookie name after submission -> Add cookie name and set the number of days you want to keep this available.

    Enter Cookie Name After Call to Action is Submitted

    Step 2 -> Second Call-to-action: Set a Cookie based trigger to hide the call-to-action only when a particular cookie is set.

    Open the configuration settings -> Target Settings -> Hide CTA Based on Cookies -> Enable Hide by Cookie Name -> Enter the Cookie name entered in the above call-to-action

    Step 3 -> Save both the call-to-actions

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