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    How to Show a Call-to-Action when a User has Closed a Particular Call-to-Action?

    Let’s say, I have this call-to-action that gives out an offer and the user opts to close it. I have another call-to-action that informs users about the last opportunity to take an offer. This might make them act!

    So, here’s my first call-to-action with the offer.

    First Offer Call To Action

    Then I have another call-to-action – a reminder about the offer.

    Second Offer Call To Action

    I want to show my second call-to-action if the user closes the first.

    In order to implement this, we’ll need to follow the steps below. (Assuming that you have both these call-to-actions are designed on your website)

    Step 1 -> First call-to-action: Set a specific cookie name to be set when the first call-to-action is submitted.

    Open the configuration settings -> Cookies -> Select to add a cookie name after closing -> Add cookie name and set the number of days you want to keep this available.

    Set a Specific Cookie When CTA Is Closed

    Step 2 -> Second Call-to-action: Set a Cookie based trigger to Show the call-to-action only when a particular cookie is set.

    Open the configuration settings -> Launch Triggers -> Cookie Based Triggers -> Enable Show by Cookie Name -> Enter the Cookie name entered in the above call-to-action

    Show Call To Action When First is Closed

    Step 3 -> Save both the call-to-actions

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