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    How to Set After Scroll Trigger for Slide-in and Infobars?

    Available from Convert Pro version 1.3.8

    From Convert Pro version 1.3.8 onward, we are introducing the Display Within Range trigger for infobars and slide-ins. It will show a call-to-action ONLY between a specific scrolling range on a page or post. Read more.

    This is the reason why you will see a slight change in the way the After scroll trigger is represented for slide-ins and infobars.

    Please follow the steps below to set an after scroll trigger for slide-ins and infobars in Convert Pro.

    Step 1 -> Go to the Configuration settings and then the Launch section. You will find the After Scroll / Display Within Range.

    Step 2 -> Select the percentage you wish to display the call-to-action on.

    Now, to

    • display an infobar or a slide-in when a user scrolls to a specific percentage of the page
    • leave it there until the user submits the form, clicks the button or closes it

    you can use the After Scroll trigger that can be set as follows –

    Select the percentage at which you wish to display a call-to-action in the Display at slider.

    The value of the Hide at slider should be lower than the above one in this case.

    In the above screenshot – We have set the call-to-action to be displayed when the user scrolls down to 40% of the page. It will remain there unless the user submits the form successfully or closes it using the close link.

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