Introducing Geo Location Tracking in Convert Pro Version 1.2.3

Geo Location Tracking

Have you ever felt the need to show up some location-based call-to-actions on your website? Yes, I mean displaying a special offer or an important notice to people belonging to a specific country or countries.

With the recent hit of GDPR, many users contacted us to see whether we could add a feature that allowed them to target users based on the country they are residing in. Therefore, we present to you the Geo Location feature in Convert Pro version 1.2.3

How does Geo Location work in Convert Pro?

We have added a Geo Location option under the target settings in the configuration of a call-to-action. This option allows you to add display rules and decide the country or set of countries you wish to display it in.

You can choose to display a call-to-action in only EU countries, in non-EU countries, all countries worldwide or select a specific country or countries you wish to show that to. We have a knowledge base article that will help you understand how you can target users based on the countries they live in or access the website from.

This is not all! We have a few more fixes in this update. You’ll find them listed in the changelog.

You’ll soon get an update notification after which you can update Convert Pro through the updates page in your WordPress backend. If you haven’t received a notification yet, please make sure you have activated your license. You can also login to your account on our store and download the latest version of the plugin.

Whats more?

We are definitely not stopping at this! We have a lot more features and functions in mind and we’ll get back to you with each of them

Until then, you have any suggestions for us to work on? You can drop them in the comments below or simply write to us.

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