Target Visitors While They Scroll Between a Range on the Page

Convert Pro Display Within Range Settings

Let’s say we have a long landing page or a blog post and wish to target visitors when they are scrolling between a specific range on the page.

This can be used when you have a specific topic being written about within a specific area on the page and you wish to show a call-to-action when a user reaches right there!

Display Within Range Gif

Such a trigger will make sure that the call-to-action shown is relevant and sticks to the area it caters to. You can expect a better conversion rate from users who’ve been interested in that particular topic.

Introducing the Display Within Range Trigger!

In Convert Pro version 1.3.8, we are introducing the Display Within Range trigger that will help you target a specific area on the page that will show a call-to-action only when the user is found scrolling between it.

This trigger will help 

  • Online stores to display specific discounts only between a specific range on a product page.
  • Bloggers to redirect users to a related article when readers are reading a specific paragraph.
  • Business owners to track a specific section about a service or product that users are interested in and show a related call-to-action just then!

How Does the Display Within Range Trigger Work?

The Display Within Range Trigger is added as a part of the After Scroll Trigger.

You simply need to navigate to the configuration settings of a popup open the After Scroll / Display Within Range trigger, enable it and then you will see two sliders appear below.

One lets you set the starting percentage – while another lets you add a percentage you wish to hide the call-to-action at. 

Display Within Range Settings Page in Convert Pro

Say suppose you set the Display at percentage to 20% and Hide at percentage to 60%, the call-to-action will be displayed when the user scrolls between 20% to 60% of the page. It will remain hidden outside this range.

Interesting right? 

You can refer to our knowledge base article to know more about the Display Within Range Trigger.

How Does This Affect the After Scroll Trigger?

This won’t affect the After scroll triggers already set on websites!

This change will be seen only for the After Scroll trigger in Slide-ins and Infobars.

For users who are beginning to use Convert Pro and wish to set an After Scroll Trigger, you can do that by setting the Hide at slider value lower than the Display at slider. You can refer to the knowledge base article about after scroll trigger for slide-ins and infobars.

Have a Section You Wish to Target?

Take a quick look at your website now and identify the sections where you can use this wonderful trigger!

Update Convert Pro to version 1.3.8 and get started with this trigger!

Have any further queries or suggestions for us? Please feel free to get in touch.

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