Convert Pro Addon Version 1.0.2: Import and Export Convert Pro Templates with Ease!

Convert Pro Addon Update

Hello People!

We are here to present to you Convert Pro Addon version 1.0.2!

Whats so special about this update?

We’ve been working on improvising Convert Pro to make it better day by day. Convert Pro addon is also a part of the parent plugin and we are determined to make it better with all the features you’ve been looking for. Let us take a look at the few highlights of this update.

Convert Pro Integrates with Sendlane

Convert Pro already integrates seamlessly with many email marketing service providers and auto-responders like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, AWeber, etc. But the urge of extending this and making it useful for the users using other services too, we keep implementing and adding new integrations. This time we added Sendlane!

You can refer to the article in our knowledge base that will help you integrate Convert Pro with Sendlane.

Importing and Exporting Templates made easier

Many users contacted us asking whether they could import and export templates created using Convert Pro. This wasn’t possible earlier. But, now, we’ve introduced an Import/Export addon that allows you to import and export the call-to-actions you wish to use on other websites too.

We have an article in our knowledge base that will help you import and export Convert Pro call-to-actions.

Apart from these, these are a few fixes that we’ve worked on. You can see the detailed changelog on our changelog page.

We recommend you to update the Convert Pro addon to its latest version. If you have activated your Convert Pro license, you might have already received an update notification in your WordPress backend. You can go ahead and update the plugin through the updates page.

I hope you are happy with the new integration and the import export functionality we’ve just added. If you have any more suggestions or ideas that you want us to work on in the near future, please feel free to drop them in the comments below, or post it in our Facebook group. You can also write to us!

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