Sell a Plugin that Sells Itself!

Convert Pro Plugin

Promotion is a big word! We only want you to tell people about Convert Pro.

Convert Pro is built with all the necessary features one looks for in a lead generation tool. Moreover, it has all the conversion techniques that were jotted down with inputs from marketers and developers. This makes Convert Pro an advanced marketing tool that does not compromise on the performance of your website.

Therefore, you will be selling a plugin that sells itself! Makes your work a lot easier, right?

How can you get started?

Getting started is easy! You can do that within your personal networks, on the multiple social media profiles you manage, through your articles, website, etc.

We have a list of promotional methods that will help you. Pick what you think will work best and start selling!

1. Share it through email
Have a mailing list of your own? You can drop them an email telling them about Convert Pro. Even if it isn’t a huge mailing list, you can try sharing it with all the prospective buyers in your contact list. An email has always been a personal, yet formal method to communicate something important.

2. Share it on Social Media
I am sure we all have a lot of friends and colleagues connected on the multiple social media profiles you manage. You can throw up a post introducing Convert Pro and use the affiliate link to get them to your website. You can also set up Facebook automated messages with a special link to click through.

3. Share it in Relevant Groups
There are a number of networks where groups have become important information sharing media for like minded people. You can use them too! Introduce Convert Pro to WordPress users and marketers so that they know about the new revolutionary popup plugin that you love already.

4. Message them Personally
What do you do when a friend suggests you a place or a service you should take up? You give it a thought, right? You too can contact your friends who are in need of a plugin like this. Well, you need to be careful here – do not spam anyone’s inbox if they aren’t interested! We do not mind if he does not opt in, but we don’t want you to lose a friend. 😉

5. Write a Review about Convert Pro
Reviews are the best way to pen down your thoughts about a particular product. You can write a review on Convert Pro and tell people your views about it and its features.

6. Include Convert Pro in your Best Post
Have you written about WordPress plugins, email marketing or anything similar? You can edit your most popular post and include Convert Pro in it. Being shared since quite some time, this post might get good traffic and you can expect more clicks on your affiliate link.

7. Write a Convert Pro vs ___________ Post
Comparison posts work the best when people are about to make a purchase, but are confused between two. You can write an unbiased post that points at all the features and functions of all the plugins you wish to speak about. Clicks through such posts are most likely to get converted into purchases!

8. Write a Blog post (Convert Pro as an alternative of ________)
Convert Pro is built with all the advanced features that marketers are looking out for. Although there are a few features that other plugins have, Convert Pro overpowers them with some additional benefits. You can catch this point to prove that Convert Pro is a better alternative to an existing lead generation solution.

9. Create a list with Convert Pro in it
Lists give plugins a lot of exposure. You can create lists like “Top X Email List Building Tools for 2017”, “Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers”, etc. These will let you include Convert Pro into it.

10. Add Banners in the widget area of your website
Our designers have come up with some attractive banners and promotional material that you can use to promote Convert Pro. Display these banners in your widget area or anywhere on your website. They are quite eye-catching!

11. Add the Affiliate Link in eBooks
Are you giving eBooks that speak about email marketing, WordPress plugins and so on? You can use them for promotion too! You can add your affiliate link through eBooks and encourage your audience to try Convert Pro.

12. Add Convert Pro on the Resources page of your website
People love to try new things; especially when it comes as a recommendation from a brand they trust in. It is always good to have a resources page where you can recommend a few products that you use or those you trust in. You can add affiliate links here and encourage users to purchase some.

13. Write a post telling “Why you switched to Convert Pro”
Have you been using another popup plugin or a tool that didn’t work wonders you wanted it to? We are glad to be able to fill in the gap with Convert Pro! Tell people why you switched to Convert Pro and what are the unique things you like about it.

14. Write a detailed case study for Convert Pro
People often believe in numbers and real life examples. You can create a case study of how Convert Pro has helped you achieve your email marketing goals. Nothing can prove the efficiency of a product like a real life example!

15. Create a Video and publish in your YouTube channel
Are you good at creating videos and have some awesome subscribers too? You can create a clean walk-through video or a tutorial for Convert Pro. This will help you engage your subscribers and encourage them to purchase through the affiliate link in the description.

16. Create “How to” articles
You can create a “How to” article and publish it on your website. This will show your audience how easy it is to work with Convert Pro and encourage them to pick it soon.

17. Promote New Features
We promise to support Convert Pro with all the existing features and keep adding a lot more. We have a lot of things in mind and love to grab suggestions from users too! Therefore, you can always expect something new and creative from our team. Promoting new and unique features will attract your audience. You can write a blog post and share with them.

Sounds good? You can select any of the above methods that will help share the word. We would love to know if you have anything creative and unique in mind.

Feel free to drop your suggestions and ideas in the comments below.

Haven’t joined the affiliate program yet? You can do that through our affiliate page.

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