Convert Pro Version 1.1.0 : Preparing You Well for the Christmas Season!

Christmas Template

The holiday season has long begun and we are just two weeks away from Christmas!

So, how are you preparing for the most awaited season of the year? Do you have some exciting offers planned and set up already? I am sure you do not want to miss this opportunity to attract users and pull them onboard.

Convert Pro version 1.1.0 comes with some attractive Christmas templates and advanced rule sets to help you make the most of your offers and holiday sale. Here are a couple of highlights in this update.

Ready-to-use Convert Pro Christmas Templates

We have designed a few templates that will work great this Christmas season! We have researched and picked some of the most working strategies and implemented them in templates. You can use them directly, or tweak them to suit your requirements.

You can refer to an article in our knowledge base that will help you fetch the latest Convert Pro templates on your website.

Advanced Rule sets for Personalization and Advanced Targeting

Have you ever felt the need of using two or even three launch triggers together? Let’s say you wish to display a popup when a user arrives from a certain page, spends 20 seconds on the page and then tries to exit. This can be done with a rule set.

A rule set is a collection of triggers, which when executed, trigger a call-to-action. You can read more in the blog post about Introduction to Rule sets and the knowledge base article that explains how to work with rule sets in Convert Pro.

Page Push down for Infobars

Many users did not want the infobar to overlap their page content and preferred when the content moves down as the infobar appears. We made that possible!

In Convert Pro version 1.1.0 you get a page push down option for an infobar. This will make sure that the infobar does not overlap any portion of your page content.

What’s more?

We have a lot of things planned ahead! They include a few features that you have requested, while a few that you will love for sure. They include an easy-to-use integration with Elementor and Beaver Builder, display call-to-action on page count, auto-close call-to-action and a lot more. Excited? So are we!

We are sure Convert Pro has won hearts – and we want it to win some more! Therefore, we’ll continue adding some more exciting stuff. Until then, you can update Convert Pro and take a look at the rule sets, the new Christmas templates and the page push down feature.

We’ll be back with another update soon! 😉

Have suggestions or a feature you wish to see in Convert Pro? Post it in the comments below, or discuss it in our Facebook group.

For further help and assistance, you can always write to us! 🙂

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